Meet the Team: Stuart the Programmer.

Meet the Team: Stuart the Programmer.

We currently have a small team of employees. Every now and again we are planning to post a short interview with each of the team. The first is Stuart.

“I love to learn new skills and QuizTix has helped me to learn many new things. It’s also really nice to work with a team who are passionate about gaming.” – Stuart

1.    What did you do before working at QuizTix?

I worked for Hillingdon Council as Systems Support Analyst 2 days a week part time and on the other days as a Freelance Programmer. I used to be full time at Hillingdon Council but really wanted to follow my passion for programming and made the choice to take the risk of working part time so I could learn and gain experience in the field I’m passionate about. I started a small company called Beloudest and got involved with various projects such as Business & University Games Syndicate (B.U.G.S.), Violation Music and Chip Beat Blaster to name a few. I also did some Games Testing for SEGA before working for the Council, a job you love but it sadly doesn’t pay very well.

2.    What’s the best thing about working for QuizTix?

The best thing for me is being able to work fulltime as a Programmer, it’s wasn’t easy paying the bills when I started out Freelance and I put myself under a lot of pressure by doing so, now I can relax a little and focus solely on coding. I love to learn new skills and QuizTix has helped me to learn many new things. It’s also really nice to work with a team who are passionate about gaming, they have passed on a lot of their games industry knowledge and they also a awesome bunch of people.

3.    Why did you pursue this career?

I love the digital arts: music, photography, video, games and so on…

I initially studied Sound Design Technology at the University of Hertfordshire and I like to make music. The course got me making a Flash based project at which point I realised I really enjoyed programming and was pretty good at it. When I left University I made the choice to work towards making Games as a career so I could bring all my skills and passion together into one form, games seemed the ultimate choice for this.

4.    What’s your favourite game and why?

Oh no! The dreaded question which is far too hard to answer??? There’s so many games I love.

Today I’m going to have to say the Total War series for pure strategy mixed with awesome battles. I dedicated many days of my life playing them. I would probably say the Empire Total War one was my favourite and I was lucky enough work as Games Tester for SEGA on it too.

5.    What’s the best advice you were ever given?

Always look on the bright side of life!

6.    Which website are you most often on?

Soundcloud, I can’t get enough of electronic music and that’s the place to find it. Facebook is a close second (yawn!).

7.    What is your favourite version of QuizTix?

I really like the “Video Games” quiz as it’s like a trip down memory lane.

8.    What version of QuizTix would you like to see in the future?

I would love to see a geeky “Science Quiz”, I think the user’s would love it and it will also be very universal. Science articles are always popping up on social media sites and incredibly popular. I like the thought of the potential for use in schools too.

9.    What movie, music or book have you found inspirational?

by Jason Fried & David Heinemeir Hansson
“Change the way you work forever”

10.    Where can people find you online?

Website | Linkedin | Twitter |Google+ | Souncloud

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