Major QuizTix Update – New and Improved Quiz Games!

Landscape support for Quiz Tix

Major QuizTix Update – New and Improved Quiz Games!

Our amazing quiz collection has had a major new update with a number of big improvements we think you’re going to love! Here’s a round up of the latest new features:

Facebook friends’ profile pictures now hover over the last question they answered, adding a new social and competitive element. You’ll be able to track your friends’ progress as you play together across our quirky quiz games.

Player bubbles - Quiz Tix


The next big feature and the one we are most excited about is full landscape orientation support – you can swap between portrait and landscape at any time. Perfect for longer play sessions on your iPad or Android tablets – for your comfort! The new landscape support also makes the quizzes perfect for playing on the TV via Chromecast or Apple TV (Airplay). Now groups of family and friends can answer questions together without having to huddle around one device.

QuizTix on the TV


There is also a new and improved UI optimised for small screens. Makes it even easier to see info and touch buttons.

New Imrpoved Quiz Tix UI