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There are currently 3 QuizTix games available for download: World Football, Pop Music &  Movies.

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What is QuizTix?

QuizTix are a family of free collectible quiz games which combine the thrill of the traditional quiz with stunning visuals, fun characters and social interaction!

QuizTix: Pop Music and QuizTix: Movies are the first two games in the series.

Cross-platform play allows players to start a game on their iPad on the sofa and continue their game on their Android phone on the bus. You can even play offline!

Players can enjoy the whole game for free or power up their game with in-app-purchases.

Download QuizTix: Pop Music and QuizTix: Movies now and see what all the fuss is about!



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Game Features


Each QuizTix game is designed to keep players engaged for days or weeks – not month or years.

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Competitive Gameplay

QuizTix games are Facebook connected, compete with friends and see who is the cleverest!

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Cloud Syncing

Play across all your devices seamlessly.

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Coming Soon…

Video Games
With crowd sourced questions from the video games industry this will be the quiz to challenge even the most hardcore gamer.

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Pop Music
Video Games


“When the QuizTix guys approached me to join their team I jumped at the chance to get involved in such an exciting new game series.”
Quizbo Jan 2014